VIDCOIN is revolutionising the way we all interact with branded in-app video !

Our mobile video advertising technologies make it easy for brand marketers to create positive user engagements with HD quality video ads by sponsoring access to in-app content and bonuses inside of the apps that people use every day; delivered at just the right time, in the just right place and always on the user’s terms.
All of our ads are « opt-in ». The user chooses to engage with a brand’s video ad in exchange for a small virtual good, bonus or premium content inside of the app. This transparent value-exchange aims to respect the user’s experience and research has shown that such opt-in advertising can have a significant positive impact on purchase intent and campaign performance.

We believe that clean, scalable « opt-in » ads are the future of mobile video advertising and we are building the technologies, formats and partnerships to make that happen.

Founded in january 2013 in Lyon by former games developers, VIDCOIN is broadcasting videos in more than 20 countries all over the worlds for global brands.